Barack Obama Compliments Ruler Harry And Meghan Markle On Engagement

Previous President Barack Obama sent his well wishes Monday evening to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on their engagement.

“Michelle and I … wish you a lifetime of euphoria and joy together,” he tweeted.

Prince Harry’s dad reported Monday that the 33-year-old English imperial and the 36-year-old American on-screen character, who had been dating since 2016, got connected with not long ago.

Obama’s sweet tweet to the glad couple promptly took off, with Twitter clients requesting that he “return” and shouts of “we miss you!” yet in addition with many saying they couldn’t hold up to see the snazzy Obamas “pull up to this wedding.”

Prince Harry and the ex-president have been seen out together since Obama went out and they appear to be quite friendly, so we’re truly seeking that a welcome after the previous POTUS and FLOTUS winds up via the post office.

The recently drew in couple uncovered in a BBC meet that they were presented by a shared companion, yet declined to uncover who that puzzling companion was. Maybe we’ll discover later on.

Meanwhile, we can just cross our fingers for a Barack-Michelle/Harry-Meghan twofold night out on the town.

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